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PHD Services

High quality scientific research is not only critical to implement effective evidence-based policy; it also responds to a wide variety of human development issues.  Our services in support of this mission include:

  1. Provide human resource management services with effective and transparent recruitment procedures for our collaborators. Collaborators will not have to spend time in developing sub-contracts, processing payroll, making tax declarations, etc. PHD will administer such activities, leaving collaborators to focus on the technical aspects of their projects.
  2. Conduct medical research in a professional and ethical manner.
  3. Provide health care, clinical and laboratory support at the community level (eg., mass screening, lab testing and treatment, response to outbreaks).
  4. Conduct medical research on tropical and communicable diseases including clinical trials, medical surveys and surveillance, and conduct entomological research.
  5. Provide training on health care, PPE and biosafety, specimen shipping, research procedures and laboratory analysis to international standards.