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Prom Health Development

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Our Mission


PHD cooperates and builds partnerships with both government institutions and non-governmental organizations involving infectious disease control to include elimination programs in Cambodia. PHD also conducts high quality biomedical research to assist government and private-sector institutions in developing and achieving national policy objectives.


PHD approaches its mission within the broader context of public health and well being for all.  PHD’s vision is of Cambodia free from malaria, and with greatly reduced levels of vector-borne disease.  This will be achieved through developing capacity within the country to meet its healthcare needs.


  1. PHD is a local medical research and public health organization specializing in tropical disease.
  2. PHD supports improved health initiatives by performing high quality public health and biomedical research including clinical trials, surveillance studies, and entomology studies.
  3. PHD continues to provide technical assistance and build capacity for all partners including the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and others agencies through research studies in Cambodia.
  4. PHD applies for grants to support its activities, and provides research support to grant awardees in Cambodia.
  5. PHD provides financial and management support activities for research studies and programs.
  6. PHD builds capacity by recruiting, training and developing local health care workers and research professionals.
  7. PHD commits to the very highest standards for the ethical conduct of research to ensure equity.